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Help with My Norfolk account

We have updated the way we authenticate and verify your identity, so in future customers can use the same account sign in and password across more of our services.  We’ve chosen a Microsoft product to handle this authentication process because it is a secure and trusted system.

If you already have a My Norfolk account, you may need to reset your password using the Forgot your password? link on the sign in page.

Registering for an account

Follow the Sign up now link on the Sign in page, enter your email address and press the Send verification code button.  This will send a code to your email address which you will need to enter first.  If the code doesn't arrive, you might need to check your spam or junk email folders.

You’ll also need to choose a password. To protect your information, the password must be 8-16 characters long and must include three out of four of the following

  • Lowercase characters (a, b, c)
  • Uppercase characters (A, B, C)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • One or more of the following symbols: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ' , ? / ` ~ " ( ) ; .

Register now

Activating your account

After you have created your account you will be asked to fill in a form with some personal details, including your phone number and address.

You will need to confirm that you have read our Terms and conditions and let us know if you’d like to receive updates from us about our services before you can start using your account.

Signing in to your account

You can sign in to My Norfolk using the email address and password you registered with.

If you have problems signing in, check that you are entering your password correctly. It’s case sensitive and needs to be entered exactly as you did when you registered.

If you still can’t sign in, try resetting your password using the Forgot your password? link on the sign in page.

If you try the wrong sign-in details too often you will be locked out of your account. This is only temporary and it’s done to protect your account from unauthorised access.  You’ll be able to try again after an hour.

Sign in now

If you have lost or forgotten your password

You can reset your password using the Forgot your password? link on the sign in page.

Changing your email address or other personal details

You can update your personal information at any time by signing in to your account.

If you change your email address, sign in to your account with the details you used to register your account and update your email address in the Edit profile section.

We’ll send a verification code to the new address.  Check your email and enter the code to confirm your new address.

After changing your email address you will be logged out automatically.  You will need to sign in again using your new email address to use your account.

Need more help?

If you still have questions about your account, email us on and we’ll help.

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